Arthur Antman

Arthur Antman with a lion
Arthur Antman during early visits to the Zoo. He regularly visited the lions and rhinos and even fed the elephants, which was allowed at the time.

Growing up just two blocks south of the Bronx Zoo, Arthur Antman spent many hours exploring the grounds and meeting the animals. In those days visitors were allowed to feed the animals, so Arthur would bring snacks for the camels and elephants.

As a teenager Arthur began working at the concession stands in the Zoo. He loved it so much that he kept coming back to work summers all the way through graduate school.

He met many special visitors to the Zoo, including the duck-billed platypuses from Australia housed in the specially built platypusary, and Fidel Castro, to whom Arthur sold a hot dog during the Cuban leader's 1960 tour of New York.

Over the years Arthur married and continued to visit the Zoo with his family. Since retiring from a three-decade-long teaching career, Arthur has been nurturing his passion for wildlife and wild places. He has kayaked the waters of Alaska and trekked through the sands of the Moroccan Sahara. Whether counting kangaroo rats in Utah or spotting elephants in Namibia, Arthur's love of wildlife has taken him around the world and back to the Bronx.

To support our work to preserve wildlife and wild places, Arthur has included WCS in his estate plan as the beneficiary of his retirement account. By completing a simple form, Arthur is helping WCS inspire generations to come.


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